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Project Description

Realisation of the 2015 Communication Campaign.

Student Project

Project Brief

Picard is a French food company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of frozen products.
It is the favorite food outlet of french people with more than 1,100 products, 200 new products per year, and 890 stores through out France.

However the good brand image is not enough and Picard wants to stay the favorite food brand as well as further develop its target (students, young families, active people).

The Challenge

Picard is only selling food, which can be a problem if consumers want to buy other things such as toilet papers, cleaning tools and so on.
Because of that people might prefer to go bigger grocery store where they can find anything they want.

The Solution

Showing Picard as a solution to the many chores and problems we may be facing in a daily basis. Indeed, thanks to Picard we can spend less time cooking, in the supermarket queue and instead spend more time focusing on what is really important and our family.

“What if today, the solution was Picard ?”

Conceptual Design Samples

Final Result


This concept enable us to be one of the finalist in the competition created by Sup de Pub and the Paris based agency in charge of Picard.